World's Funniest Daredevil Photo

Weird Daredevil Stunts. Um, ok. So why is this guy walking around in only leopard skin pants, with red shoes and white socks. Oh yeah, sorry, he does have a helmet on. Thats just crazy!

Funny People Headbut Chain Reaction

Headbut Fight Photos. Its captured at the perfect moment. That photo must have taken some setting up.

Latest Apple Ipod For Tapes

Ipod Tape Walkman. Could this be real? It plays MP3s and also all of your old tapes. Does anyone still use tape recorders?

Funny Cute Interlinked Toes Woman

Toes Linked. Wow. I have to admit that after seeing this photo i tried to do the same. I couldnt do it. Can You?

Funny Art Electricity Tower Photos

Electricity Tower Art. Now who would have thought that you could make colorful artwork out of electricuty. Is it supposed to spell something, or are they just meant to look like people?

No Need To Panic House Fire

Relax, No Need to Panic. Would i be right in saying that this guy is smoking a cigarette while his house is on fire? No top on despite the fact that fully kitted out fireman are on the roof. No dramas for this fella, he has home and contents insurance. Cant get a payout fella if you arent alive though, insurance or no insurance!

Beer Comes Second to Pretty Girls

Beer Guy. Im kind of with this guy. Im not so sure i would be concentrating on my beer either.

Oh My God Bullfighter Horn Ass

Thats Gotta Hurt. How often would a bullfighter have a horn stuck up his backside? That just has to be painful. Ouch!

How To Get A Really Close Shave Camping

The Close Axe Shave. So you are out in the forest or camping. Forgot your razor? Easy, just use an axe or a little hatchet. I wonder if he will move onto the rest of the body after finishing with his face?

Latest Computer Mouse for Home

Ironing Mouse. Is this what happens when you spend too much time on your computer? I hope the phone doesnt ring, she might just answer the iron!

Dont Wear Fur Protest Teddy Bears Coat

Teddy Bear Fur Protest. Sometimes you just have to go to extremes to make a point, even if it means making a coat out of teddy bears. In other words, dont kill poor little creatures like these just to wear fur.

Funny Hungry Goats in a Tree

Hungry Goats. I think it is an established fact that goats will eat almost anything. Well, ive seen that in the movies anyway. In this case they have climbed a tree and stripped it bare. It looks like they are decorative objects. Kind of like a Goat Christmas Tree.

IBlade 480 Songs With Attitude

Iblade. Peels Apples, Plays Music and Eliminates SPammers. What more could you want from an Apple product?

Head Beside Me on The Beach

Sunbaking Head. This is a really well done photo. Im just curious how long the real head of the body was under the sand for. Hold your breath, this could take a while.

Why Some Kids Need Help Eating

Kids Eating Fail. Im not sure if this little guy was cooking and made this mess, or if he was eating. Probably the latter. In the mouth mate, in the mouth. Not on your face.

Funny Babies New Mohawk Hairstyle

Funny Babies. Im hoping to God that this baby hasnt had the rest of its hair shaved to make this mohawk style. I think its a piece of hair just placed there, the baby looks a little young to have that much hair. Hey, what does it matter, the kid looks really happy anyway.

Blow Your Own Trumpet Bride

Wedding Trumpet Bride. So you have heard of people blowing their own trumpet, but its not something that you would expect from a bride on her wedding day.

Crazy People Beards and Tattoo Bikers

Bear Bikers. Yeah, so i suppose even bikers have fun sometimes. I think its a really long beard just pulled back over his face.

Going Down Drinking Wheelchair Fail

Need a drink. I suppose if you have ended up on the ground in a wheelchair and on your back, you probably deserve a drink. But maybe it should be your priority to get back up off the ground.

Safety Issues Contractor Danger Windows

Workman Fail. On first glance at this photo, i thought these two guys were trying to save someone who had fallen out of the window. But on closer inspection it looks like this guy in the striped top is trying to fix something from the air conditioning unit. Ever heard of a ladder fellas?

Wife Gifts Happy Anniversary Honey

Gifts for your Wife. Ah, yeah. Just classic. Could you imagine how long you would be in the dog house if you gave these to your wife. It might be bad enough that you dont know her size and you have no style whatsoever. But what if you mixed them up with a gift given to another woman...

Funny Umbrella Photos Self Contained

Self Contained Weather Proof Umbrella. Its an odd looking thing, an umbrella with a plastic enclosure. But yeah, i guess thinking about it, it would work. Might be a bit more tricky to wrap it up after it stops raining.

Funny Massive Wedding Cake Fight

Wedding Cake Fight. Its not often you see a wedding cake this big. But then to see a whole lot of brides amongst it engaged in a fight, well thats just too much. I bet the guys just loved this!

Funny Statues Poor Little Kid

Angry Scary Statues. Are these statues really that scary? According to the little kid, yes. And he has been left there alone in his stroller.

Footstool Coffee Table and Joggers

Footstool Table. They really have done an amazing job with this little table. Complete with socks and even a pair of nice clean runners.

Danger Beer Jugs For Kids

Beer Mug or Jug? Is that a jug or just a really big mug of beer? Either way, im not sure this kid should be touching the stuff. But with the look on his face, it may be too late.

Photography Accessories Umbrella Camera Cover

Umbrella Camera Cover. I suppose if you have expensive equipment and you want to capture the perfect shot, no point having the camera soaked by water or rain falling on the lens. Get a camera umbrella. But dont worry about yourself!

Flying Mattress Birdman Rally Melbourne

Moomba Birdman Rally. The birdman rally is held in Melbourne, Australia every year as part of the Moomba festival. Men, women and children create wonderful and weird flying machines which they use to jump off a pontoon and into the Yarra River. Most go no further than a few metres. Often they fall straight down into the water. Its all part of the fun.

Funny Passionate Ice Hockey Fans

Worlds Biggest Ice Hockey Fan. Now that is some passion. Id hate to see this guy at home. He is damn angry at something!

Home Office Working in the Bathroom

Computer Toilet. I suppose this is so you can keep working when you need to go. Then again, maybe you can work here all day. No need to rush to the bathroom if you are already there.

How To Clean Dirty Statues

Rude Statue. So who is the rude one here. The statue or the girl who has placed herself in his hand?

Funny Gardeners Thats Not a Hose

Hose or Not? Yeah, its just a trick of the angle. Or is it? Because where is the rest of the hose?

Funny Faces Painting Hay Bales

Funny Hay. So i suppose as long as the cows dont get sick from the paint, nothing wrong with painting the sides of the hay bales. Helps to brighten a farmer's day. Need a laugh sometimes, its a tough job.

Fat Women Models Asian Car Show

Three Fat Ladies. I suppose i understand the logic. You use really attractive skinny models for cars, and fat models for trucks. This isnt a people mover, but it will shift a load.

Corona Need a Drink on the Beach

Corona Beach Bottle. If only the Corona bottle was really as big as it appears. You would only need to buy one of them. And who doesnt like a beer on the beach on a hot day?

Funny Asian Condoms Advertising

Durex Condom Advertising. This is sure to be a winner for Durex. They look funny, and they have scored some free advertising here.

Funny Artwork Manhole Cover China

Funny Artwork. Can you imagine the design that has gone into this manhole cover? If it makes the place look nice, why not. Could become a collectors item, so watch out it doesnt get stolen.

Yes I Believe In Ghosts and Weird People

Weird Creature. I think this is a human. But is he a ghost? It has all the hallmarks of one of those ghost photo sightings. But perhaps this guy is just a bit odd looking.

Corporal Punishment Rockets in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Rocket Fail. Sure, so you dont have a big stick. So give the guy a whack on the backside with a rocket grenade. They arent a toy you know.

Funny Superhero Overweight Fat Spiderman

Fat and Old Spiderman. Is this what happens to Spiderman when he gets old and fat. Resorting to busking for cash on the side of the road. Poor guy. Even comic book superheroes have to grow old.

Aliens are Not Welcome Here on Earth

Alien Alert. This sign on the barn kind of assumes that aliens can read English. And then of course, it assumes they would comply with a message written in big white paint. Maybe you should have drawn a big gun to frighten them as well.

KIds When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go

Funny Kids Car Show Relief. This is just madness. But just a little funny. Even the car model girls think so. But couldnt you have taken this kid to the bathroom instead of making him go into a bottle? Were you that rushed for time?

How To Wax Your Bikini Chest Hair

Chest Wax Bikini. I wonder if this guy is proud of himself, waxing all the hair on his chest except for the bikini top area. He has been immortilised now for all the world to see.

Couples Advice How To Share Your Food

Banana Couple. There is something really gross about this photo. The more i look at it, the more i want to be sick. Sorry! Thats a weird couple. Need counselling i think.

Funny Dad and Baby Starting Him Early

An Early Magazine Start. No, you really shouldnt start your kids on these magazines so early. But just look at the expression on this baby's face! He loves it. Maybe thinking about his next meal.

Funny Wedding Photos Child Bride and Groom

Child Bride and Groom. I dont think there is any place in the western world that allows marriage between kids this young. At least i hope not. Unless they are really in love and that would be a different story.

Funny Bathroom Towel Art Photos

Towel Art. I want some of these towels. Although im not sure that i would use them in a public bathroom as these guys seem to have done. Very clever though.

She Gives Great Pleasure Photo

Pleasure Photo. No, its not what it looks like. Its just the angle of the photographer. The sleeing guy does look awfully happy though.

Thingy Alert Strange Timber Sculpture

Its a Man's World. Im not sure which is more disturbing. The fact that this tree has been moulded into a..well, you know what it is. Or maybe its the fact that this guy is sitting atop it. Its all wrong. Oh those lumberjacks do know how to have some fun!

Funny People Two Fat Ladies One Small

Two Fat Ladies. Wow, those chicks are really big. And i mean enormous. Hard to say if the girl in the middle is actually small or just a normal size.