Why you Should Wash Your Car in the Rain

Hose Your Car in Rain. Have a look at the water bulding up around the base of the car. Its teaming down with rain. So anyone care to explain why this man is still hosing the car down?

Taking Shopping Carts On the Highway

Trolley Cart Motorbike. Trailer trash alert? Or just innovative. Taking your shopping along the highway with the aid of a motorbike. At least they are pulled off to the side of the road. Its not something you would want to do at speed.

Sometimes My Hair Looks Like a Tree

Tree Hair. For all you little kids, its just an accident. Her hair really isnt growing branches and leaves.

Latest Wooden Car Body Kit

Wooden Car Body Kit. So you cant afford to buy a new body kit for your car? No hassle. Just make one yourself from wood. And doesnt it look spiffy?

Why Some Rocks Get Bigger Over Time

How to Lick a Rock. Some rocks have all the luck.

World's Worst Tattoo Art Photos

Wife Arm Tattoo Fail. Im trying to work out what is wrong with this artwork. Im thinking that its the weird teeth, the bigger nose, the wider cheeks. Hell, its just all wrong. Im hoping that this is just a henna tattoo, but i fear that it is permanent.

Funny White Duck Wants a Swing Push

Duck in a Swing. Poor little duck. While he looks very happy, it seems nobody is there to give him a push.

Beer Drinking Skull Woman Photo

Woman Cant Hold Liquor. Agreed, its not the most flattering of photos for this girl. I think thats a failed attempt to drink this beer. College games!

Microsoft Photoshopped Black Mans Head

Microsoft Edits Black Man's Head With White Man. Spot the difference. Yes, this is exactly the same photo. The original is the one at the top. So all they have done is paste a white guy's head onto the body of the black guy. The first was for the American market, the second for Poland. Thats just not right.

Funniest Family Portraits Cardboard Cut Out

Funny Grandma and Grandpa Portraits. So your grandparents couldnt make it to that special event. No matter, we have a fully life size cardboard replica. You wont need to miss those special photos. And they can even be at all your life events, long after they have left us.

Ferry Crash - Where Not to Park Your Bus

Ferry Bus Crash Photo. Maybe this bus driver was eager to get to his destination. Or perhaps the brakes just failed. Its just like the original Italian Job movie with Michael Caine. Maybe not so much gold on this bus though. You think the insurer would pay up for this little mistake? Does bus insurance cover driving off a ferry?

Computer Keyboard Building Photo

Keyboard Building. Photoshopped or genuine? I think its real. Its probably a really big advertising sign for a computer business. Hey, why not?

Funny Cars Overloaded Vegetables Break Down

Cars Overloaded Break Down. Does it surprise you that the hood of this car is up? Your engine would fail if you had to carry this much of a load. What are they anyway? Potatoes? Couldnt he have just made 2 trips? Good luck in explaining the damage to this car to your insurance company. Sorry fella.

Curious Big Eyes Baby Photo

Big Eyes Baby Focus. Yes, kid. Im looking at the same things. Some would call this little kid extremely lucky. And others would just say, "what kid?".

Dancing Tango Basketball Players Photo

Dancing Basketball. It does kind of look like the tango, or something similar. Im sure its just the rough and tubmle of the game. They arent really that close.

Military Photos Army Iraq Mousetrap

Iraq Mousetrap. Its a handy way to trap those willing to steal beer. Its gotta be a big mouse!

Funny Police Photos Kids Stand Off

Kids Stand Off. I just love this photo. Its kind of like that Tiananmen Square photo with the guy facing off to a tank. This one might not have as much significance, but he is one tough kid. But what could the police actually do? Cant arrest the kid, that wouldnt look too good.

Funny Kids Tougher than the Rest

Im a tough Kid. I hope this Tshirt isnt advocating violence. Probably just a cheap warning. Im sure he doesnt want to fight.

Cooler Heads Bobbing for Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bob. Ive heard of bobbing for apples. Thats an old game. How about bobbing for ice creams in a freezer? Now thats a brain freeze.

How to Have a Beer with the Police

Police Car Fail. Id hate to think what would happen to this police officer if his superiors were to see this photo. Giving control of your police vehicle to a woman with a beer in her hand is probably not the best idea. But maybe he didnt think he would end up on a funny photos site...

Funny Tshirts I Recycle Men

How to recycle men. Great T shirt i reckon. And probably true. But would the men really complain?

Funny Stupid Families Wave Breaker Fail

Wave Breaker Stroller. Ive seen some stupid people in my time, but these guys are way up there. Its not that im so worried about them being swept into the water, its the poor kid in the stroller. Modern day parenting!

Motorbike Costumes Funny Photos

Pink Tutu Teddy Bear Bike. It wouldnt be often that you would see a girl riding a pink bike wearing a pink tutu and carrying a teddy bear as a passenger.

Funny Kids Eyes on the Prize

Eyes on the Prize. Yeah, kid, i see what you are looking at. I dont blame you. And when you are a kid you can get away with that sort of thing. If i was to do it, id get my face slapped.

Funny Overloaded Donkey Hay Photo

Poor Overworked Donkey. You have to spare a thought for this hard working donkey, loaded to the hilt with hay. Can only just see his head. The owner isnt working too hard though.

Funny Riot Photos Police Water Cannon

Protester Pics. This guy has a lot of guts. It seems he thought it was a good idea to take on the armored vehicle with just a rock. He was no match for the water cannon. It really is an unfair match.

Funny People Pics Dress Up Fail

Funny Outfits. Sure, some people have some problems coordinating their outfits. But this is just too weird. Whats going on with those leggings? And that hair! Maybe this is actually a man.

Funniest Family Christmas Gifts

Family Christmas Photos. You just have to love the creativity of some families with their Christmas Photos. But how did they think that dressing up as presents was a good idea?

Funny Mr Universe Photos

Mr Universe and Friend. Id give this kid the title of Mr Puniverse, but im not so sure that he is actually so small. Its just that the golden guy is so huge!

Funny Mountain Bike Photos Fall Crash

Bike Crash. What an amazing photo, just captured at the right moment. What was a photographer doing there anyway? Did he know that the mountain biker was going to crash? Oops. Lets hope that the photographer didnt set this one up - wouldnt want to be sued.

Drinking Fail Banana Sundae When Drunk

Banana Sundae Drunk. Yet another reason not to drink too much alcohol when partying with "friends". This poor guy has been made into a banana sundae, complete with cream and maybe old cigarette butts in his head.

World's Funniest Daredevil Photo

Weird Daredevil Stunts. Um, ok. So why is this guy walking around in only leopard skin pants, with red shoes and white socks. Oh yeah, sorry, he does have a helmet on. Thats just crazy!

Funny People Headbut Chain Reaction

Headbut Fight Photos. Its captured at the perfect moment. That photo must have taken some setting up.

Latest Apple Ipod For Tapes

Ipod Tape Walkman. Could this be real? It plays MP3s and also all of your old tapes. Does anyone still use tape recorders?

Funny Cute Interlinked Toes Woman

Toes Linked. Wow. I have to admit that after seeing this photo i tried to do the same. I couldnt do it. Can You?

Funny Art Electricity Tower Photos

Electricity Tower Art. Now who would have thought that you could make colorful artwork out of electricuty. Is it supposed to spell something, or are they just meant to look like people?

No Need To Panic House Fire

Relax, No Need to Panic. Would i be right in saying that this guy is smoking a cigarette while his house is on fire? No top on despite the fact that fully kitted out fireman are on the roof. No dramas for this fella, he has home and contents insurance. Cant get a payout fella if you arent alive though, insurance or no insurance!

Beer Comes Second to Pretty Girls

Beer Guy. Im kind of with this guy. Im not so sure i would be concentrating on my beer either.

Oh My God Bullfighter Horn Ass

Thats Gotta Hurt. How often would a bullfighter have a horn stuck up his backside? That just has to be painful. Ouch!

How To Get A Really Close Shave Camping

The Close Axe Shave. So you are out in the forest or camping. Forgot your razor? Easy, just use an axe or a little hatchet. I wonder if he will move onto the rest of the body after finishing with his face?

Latest Computer Mouse for Home

Ironing Mouse. Is this what happens when you spend too much time on your computer? I hope the phone doesnt ring, she might just answer the iron!

Dont Wear Fur Protest Teddy Bears Coat

Teddy Bear Fur Protest. Sometimes you just have to go to extremes to make a point, even if it means making a coat out of teddy bears. In other words, dont kill poor little creatures like these just to wear fur.

Funny Hungry Goats in a Tree

Hungry Goats. I think it is an established fact that goats will eat almost anything. Well, ive seen that in the movies anyway. In this case they have climbed a tree and stripped it bare. It looks like they are decorative objects. Kind of like a Goat Christmas Tree.

IBlade 480 Songs With Attitude

Iblade. Peels Apples, Plays Music and Eliminates SPammers. What more could you want from an Apple product?

Head Beside Me on The Beach

Sunbaking Head. This is a really well done photo. Im just curious how long the real head of the body was under the sand for. Hold your breath, this could take a while.

Why Some Kids Need Help Eating

Kids Eating Fail. Im not sure if this little guy was cooking and made this mess, or if he was eating. Probably the latter. In the mouth mate, in the mouth. Not on your face.

Funny Babies New Mohawk Hairstyle

Funny Babies. Im hoping to God that this baby hasnt had the rest of its hair shaved to make this mohawk style. I think its a piece of hair just placed there, the baby looks a little young to have that much hair. Hey, what does it matter, the kid looks really happy anyway.

Blow Your Own Trumpet Bride

Wedding Trumpet Bride. So you have heard of people blowing their own trumpet, but its not something that you would expect from a bride on her wedding day.

Crazy People Beards and Tattoo Bikers

Bear Bikers. Yeah, so i suppose even bikers have fun sometimes. I think its a really long beard just pulled back over his face.

Going Down Drinking Wheelchair Fail

Need a drink. I suppose if you have ended up on the ground in a wheelchair and on your back, you probably deserve a drink. But maybe it should be your priority to get back up off the ground.