No Parking in the 25th Hour

funny 24hour signThis sign only applies to those who work outside the 24 hour, 7 day a week period.

Danger on the Train Platform

funny signs danger train platform penrithThis is quite a danger - but only in Penrith.

Caution - Hoolahoops Ahead

funny signs watch out for hulasThis sign is actually quite common in some small towns in America. Hulas are a big pastime.

These Guys need a New Sign

weird signs cherry strawberry mistakeMaybe its a strawberry cherry hybrid variety. Or maybe these guys just have no idea. Hey, they are both reddish.

Save the Cockroaches

funny signs save the cockroaches smokingI think its important that we look after cockroaches. After all, they need to be around so they can survive a nuclear war. No more cigarettes for them.

Mega What?

megaflicks funny signs humorI would like someone to explain what they sell at this store. Don't worry, its a trick of the eye...look a little closer, there are two letters between the F and the C.

We'll Take Your Balls

Careful, your golf balls is not all they will take. Ok for the girls though.

Dont Swim Here

no swimming here funny signIn case you needed to be told - you cant swim here. You can try, but you would be breaking the rule of this funny sign.

Dont Touch These Wires

Yes, i think id prefer to pay the $200 fine. Death would be such a drag for the day. Thank god for the good advice of the Newcastle Tramway Authority. Clever Australians.

Fence Lubricant

crazy funny dangerous fence signUmm, why does this fence need lubricant - and why is it such a hazard? Clever sign though.

Dont Blame Us America

funny george bush sign connecticutConnecticut apologizes to America for George. W. Bush. I dont know if this is real, but its kinda funny.

Invisible Sign

funny invisible signCan you see this sign? I just see a nice landscape.

Secret Bunker - Dont tell Anyone

funny signs secret bunker this wayDont tell anyone, but the secret bunker is this way. Just between you and me...

Dirty Wife

the dirty wife on the car photoClever car grafitti - gotta love it. Why wash your car?

No Spaceships here

funny no parking signs for space shipsThats right - dont park your spaceship above this sign. Got that?

Funny Sombrero

nude man sombrero at the beachI dont know what to say about this one, except that im glad these sombrero's arent reversed. That would be truly frightening.

Double Your Money

how to double your money adviceA great tip on how to double your money. Funny, but very true.

Everybody Has a Double

tv rapist search man weirdThey say everybody has a double, but i do feel for this poor tv newsreader. Unless of course someone in the art department was having a laugh.

Funny Looking Dog

child drinking eating dog bowl funnyI'm hoping thats a water bowl and the lil kid isnt eating dog food. Nevertheless, its all wrong. I'll bet it was his mother or father that took this photo. What is the world coming to? Funny photo though.

Yet another crazy guy

crazy bike rider overloaded funnyThis guy has amazing balance. Im guessing they must be foam or something, but he looks entirely comfortable. Some crazy jobs out there.

Stupid is as Stupid Does - 100kmh Idiot

stupid motorbike rider funny imagesThis guy must soon be in the running for a Darwin Award. On a 100kmh freeway in Melbourne, Australia, with a BBQ strapped to him. I hope the BBQ was worth it. Perhaps, "Have BBQ, will travel".

If Only Dogs Could Read

funny signs for dogsThen again, maybe dogs can read. Woof.

No Bull

no bulls funny sign No Bull? What, the bull cant sit, or it cant sit on a ball, or what? Hmmm.

Problems at the Bus Stop

dont shoot the kids funny signIt sort of goes without saying doesnt it? No guns, no shooting at the bus stop. Some people i suppose just need to be reminded.

Graffiti Can Be Fun

funny grafitti signThe worst thing about this one is, im not convinced that the guy who did this was a professional graffiti artist. I believe it to be a crime of opportunity. And thats ironic.

Emergency Phone

funny signs emergency phone long way aheadGood thing too when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Only 174km to the nearest emergency phone.

Dangerous Workplace

I dont know that i would want to be in this workplace. Then again, who are the idiots playing near a massive cutting wheel. And what is the guy on the right doing? How the hell did he get himself into that position?

Watch Your Children

But what would the circus do with them? Clowns perhaps?

Someone keeps employing these guys

I think these guys should do kids parties - they are just so damn funny. Alright, maybe they were trying to get fired. Are people really that dumb? Or is SOTP a new word? let me check.

It's Back to School for These Two

It's only a minor error after all. I think we get the general idea - school ahead - or something.

Indian Gossip

funny indian signs dont gossip ladiesSo are they saying that Indian wives can't gossip only while their husband's are driving? Out of the car, it can start again apparently.

Beware of Cows Eating Cars

Of all the dangers in life, this is one of the greatest. Keep your car away from a hungry cow.

Dont Read this Sign

funny private signPlease don't read this sign. I'm not sure what the penalty will be if you do read it. Perhaps the penalty is on another sign.

Well done to the courageous person who took the photo. Oh, and keep an eye on your children.

Stop Screaming and Go to Church

go to church funny sign What if you were to shout "oh Lord?" - would that make a difference? Probably not.

I thought Google Knew Everything

does google know everything signApparently Not. Head to Church.

Escaping Inmates

watch out for hitchikers funny signMaybe its cheaper to put up a sign, rather than hiring prison guards to stop the inmates escaping. Question though, if they are out, can we still call them inmates?

Bleeding Obvious Sign

really stupid obvious signI want the job that comes up with these really great signs.

Hillary Clinton KFC Sign

funny hillary clinton signNow thats just unfair. I wonder if this KFC is in Pennsylvania.

A Style Sign

crazy double meaning signThe person that designed this sign has one fantastic sense of humor. Or was this the owner's intention?

Green sign to nowhere

really weird signs funnyHeaven knows what this sign means. Ive got no idea - and im really really smart. Actually, not really.

Donuts for Cops

funny cops love donuts Sometimes grafitti can be really clever. Still, please dont speed.

No Fishing?

funny toilet signs humorWhat no fishing? Yeah, who knows what you might catch... You must sit and only sit. No standing on one leg either. Is that even possible?