Really Funny Clever Coffee Design

really smart barista photo of retriever dog in coffee or hot chocolate
What a great looking design on this coffee. A cute puppy dog. Looks like a retriever. Maybe its a hot chocolate, but either way, that is one really smart barista. Be a pity to drink it.

Children Plants in Lavender Field

photo of lavender field with kids growing feet first funny So they planted some children as well as lavender in this field. Thats funny. I didnt know that children grew feet first. Maybe we could call them lavender patch kids?

One Child Bag Policy in China

really weird photo of one bag policy in china young boy in plastic bag Thats right, the New China Policy. Only one child per bag. Personally im amazed at the strength of the plastic bag - he looks like one fat kid. Why on earth is he in the bag to begin with? Some really strange people out there. Funny photo though.

Cat Stuck In Bird Cage Funny

funny cat photo stuck in bird cage but wheres the bird pic Im not sure if this cat was placed in the bird cage, crept in there, or is stuck. Im not seeing any bird - i hope its ok.

Funny New Car Plough For Sale

funny plough photo of car doing the job of a tractor weird but it works So when the tractor breaks down, just hook the plough up to the back of the car and keep farming. Hey, if its a 4WD it probably works. Job still has to get done.

Funny Car Filled With Trinkets

funny cars photos taxi driver filled with trinkets and rubbish How many crazy trinkets and knick knacks can you fit into one car? This guy seems to be trying to find out. Filled his car with absolute rubbish. I bet he is a taxi driver in asia. Funny. But altogether very weird.

Funny Bury Your Head in the Sand

stupid people photos burying head in sand for money funny and crazy Im not sure what the purpose of burying your head in the sand is. Forget your worries perhaps, or ignore the worlds problems. Maybe he is busking - just trying to earn a living. But still a crazy guy.

Bull Run Scared Runners Photo

crazy bull run photo in pamplona scared people hiding from bull funny I think the guy climbing the pole has the right idea. The guy hiding behind it probably isnt in the best position. The bull can see you there buddy. Im not sure why people do the bull run. I never want to tempt fate like that.

Oops Funny Car Parking on Frozen Lake

funny crazy photo of cars sinking in frozen lake after thawing Now, this is a lesson for you. Dont park your cars on a frozen lake. It could thaw and this is what will happen, its that sinking feeling for you. I wonder how they get the cars out of here.

Funny Really Stupid Cow Costume

crazy funny photo of stupid guy in a cow costume for fancy dress party
Of all the cow costumes i have ever seen, this would have to be the worst. The udders just placed in the baddest spot. Is baddest a word? In reference to this outfit, i reckon it is. Mad guy.

How to Sleep on Your Motorbike

funny photo of man sleeping on his motorbike crazy How many people could manage to have a sleep or a snooze on their motorcycle? I certainly couldnt do it. This man deserves an award. That is some balancing act.

Overloaded Mufflers on Pick Up Truck

funny crazy photo of overloaded pick up truck full of mufflers and car parts You want mufflers? We got Mufflers. How many exhaust systems can you fit on the back of one pickup truck? This is really just a little mad. Held together by just a few ropes.

American Lapel Pin Made in China

funny american lapel pin made in china photo Ahh, the good ol United States of America - Proud to wear your American Lapel Pin - Made in China. Ironic isnt it?

Funny Alien on a Bus Photo

funny photo of alien on a bus just a head scarf of lion or chewbacca It looks like an alien on a bus doesnt it? Or some crazy dress up costume. But no, its just a head scarf of a lion i think. Or maybe a Star Wars Chewbacca scarf.

Five Black Cats Sleeping on Steps

funny photo of five black cats sleeping on stairs are you superstitious? Ok, so 5 black cats sleeping on white steps. Its a great photo, a wonderful contrast. But there certainly would be some danger in walking up these stairs. You wouldnt want to wake them and have them walk in your patth. Imagine 5 curses from 5 black cats. That would be hard to shake. But it is only a crazy superstition after all....isnt it?