Why you Should Wash Your Car in the Rain

Hose Your Car in Rain. Have a look at the water bulding up around the base of the car. Its teaming down with rain. So anyone care to explain why this man is still hosing the car down?

Taking Shopping Carts On the Highway

Trolley Cart Motorbike. Trailer trash alert? Or just innovative. Taking your shopping along the highway with the aid of a motorbike. At least they are pulled off to the side of the road. Its not something you would want to do at speed.

Sometimes My Hair Looks Like a Tree

Tree Hair. For all you little kids, its just an accident. Her hair really isnt growing branches and leaves.

Latest Wooden Car Body Kit

Wooden Car Body Kit. So you cant afford to buy a new body kit for your car? No hassle. Just make one yourself from wood. And doesnt it look spiffy?

Why Some Rocks Get Bigger Over Time

How to Lick a Rock. Some rocks have all the luck.