Really Skinny Apartment Building

really skinny apartment building in asia photo Check it out! A really skinny apartment building. Really skinny!! Got to make the best use of space!

Roaming Juke Box Stereo System DJ

totally really funny photo of man carrying a stereo with a large battery on his head for power I just love this photo. I mean i really love it. Its a roaming DJ with his very own power source, a battery pack carried on the head! Totally cool.

Very Rude Pig Bush Photo

funny but rude photo of bush mad ein shape of two pigs having sex Now that is one very rude gardener. Creating the bush to look like two pigsdoing...well, i dont need to tell you what they are doing.

Funny Lamp Post Building Photo

really crazy building photo of lamp post built around balconys funny Im just guessing that they werent able to have the lamp post removed so they just built the balconys around it. Seems just a little odd and crazy dont you think?