Chesley Sullenberger & Jeff Skiles Pilot Heroes

We salute the hero effort of Chesley Sullenberger and Jeffrey Skiles, pilots on the US Airways plane that crashed in the Hudson River in New York. These are some crazy images, and arent we very thankful for the skill of these pilots in bringing the plane down safely and saving everbody's life.

Well Done Sully and Skiles - pilot heroes!

us airways plane photo new york accident first images 2009

quick rescue passengers us airways plane crash hudson new york

sinking us airways plane new york hudson 2009

tail wing of sinking us airways plane crash hudson river new york january 2009

recovery effort us airways airbus plane hudson river 2009

Funny Ride to Work in a Bulldozer Day

funny photos ride to work day in front of bulldozerIm not sure that riding in the front tray of a bulldozer is really that safe. But its a fine way to ride to work.

Funny Surfing Waterski in Venice Photo

funny venice photo of guy on waterski riding through the canals past the gondolas Im trying to work out if the authorities in Venice would actually allow water skiing or surfing in the canals. Im not sure they would. Could you imagine romancing your bride to be on a Gondola, everthing is perfect and what should ride by at speed, but this idiot on a waterski. Would kind of kill the ambience and the serenity. Be good for a laugh though. Personally, i dont like venice all that much, big tourist trap, so i wish this guy well.

Funny Ironing Waterski Photo

funny waterskiing photo man ironing on water odd but fun Its important to multi task. And just because you are at work, doesnt mean you cant have some fun. So when you are ironing those clothers, get on a waterski and go for a bit of a spin.

Funny Dont Drink and Fly Or Drive

funny witch photos dont drink and fly or drive run into power pole This is a message to all you witches out there. Dont drink and fly - you could run into a power pole. Oh, dont drive after drinking either, its just as dangerous. I like this, clever marketing and a good message too.

Funny Photos Photcopying the Monitor

funny computer photos monitor being photocopied printer broken again Im guessing that the printer wont work again. Printers are always breaking down. The solution? Take you monitor to the photcopier and press print. Cut out the middle man.

Funny Pumping the Gas Photo

funny gas station photo man inside pumping gas Ahh, so there is a man inside pumping the gas for you. Great. So much for it being automated...

Funny Inventions Cool Your Noodles

crazy photos funny inventions cool your noodles with a fan attached to chopsticks picHow to cool your noodles, attach a fan to your chopsticks. Now thats a funny invesntion. Whats the bet that this fan didnt take off? Get it, fan...take off? Oh, dont worry.

Who Gets the Car in a Divorce?

funny photos of porsche with was his licence plate wife got the car in divorce pic In this case, the wife gets the car in the divorce. A Porsche Boxster to be exact. Lucky wife. But ladies, that means he is single again...

Funny Moose Traffic Jam

crazy funny photo moose traffic jam holding up cars but walking on right side of road Yeah, well at least the moose is travelling on the right side of the road. He knows his road rules. He is just moving very slow and holding up all that impatient car traffic.

Funny Monster Bike Photo

crazy funny photos huge monster bike motorbike with little scooter next to it Now that is one huge motorbike. Its a monster bike. Oh, and there is a little one next to it...

Large Tap House Photo

funny house photo with a really large water tap out the front Whats the bet that this house is owned by a plumber. I mean who else would have an obsession with a really big tap. Anyway, be useful if it was a plumber, imagine trying to stop a leak from this tap.

New Apple MacBook Photo

funny crazy photos new apple macbook photo with windows technology Ahh, the new apple MacBook - no doubt with windows technology. What happens when the apple goes off? Replace it with another? Im sure all you mac users out there are saying it should be replaced with a lemon, right?

Funny Crazy House Car

funny photo of car made as a house like a caravan Ahh, is putting a house on the back of your car legal? Im not convinced that this is the safest mode of transport. Its not a caravan, its a house car. The original travelling home.

Funny Homeless Jedi Photo

funny crazy photos of homeless jedi begging for cash no longer in star wars Yes, star wars is over and plenty of jedi are now homeless. Poor jedis, spare them a dime if you can. Clever marketing strategy by this guy, and great outfit.

Funny Floating Car Market Photo

funny floating cars for sale at car yard underwater from flood photo Im not sure that this car yard is supposed to be under water. However, getting your car at the floating car market is sure to offer you some bargains. Not many people want a waterlogged car. Id expect a good sale.

How To Fix Your Smashed Car

funny car photos smahed up repair with galvanised iron sheet not official toyota material Fix your smashed car - create a new panel from a piece of galvanised iron. Thats smart, cheap, but not altogether perfectly safe. Certainly wouldnbt be an approved panel from Toyota.

Funny Egg Shell Sofa Photo

funny egg photos sofa couch not so safe The Old Egg Shell Sofa photo. Who would pay for a new sofa when you could have one of these. Would you sit on it? I think there could be a few crushed humpty dumpty eggs if you were to sit on this sofa. And no, i dont think you could put them back together again.

Funny Child Drinking from Puddle

funny kids drinking water from puddle or pavement very odd photo Id suggest a child bowl but thats not the most practical is it? Its probably better than drinking water from a puddle or directly from the pavement. I wonder who would take this photo rather than stopping the child from doing something so dangerous. Odd.

Tiny Chior Girl Reading Paper

funny tiny chaor with girl reading newspaper cool That is one small chair. I think it is probably a doll's chair. But this little girl is making the most of it to read the paper. She does seem to be very young to be reading the news.

Funny Curious Ginger Kitten Photo

funny curious cats checking out the camera photo Yep, just a curious ginger kitten or cat. Checking out the camera as its photo is taken. Look at those really big clear eyes!

Tulsa Police Funy Drug Dealers Car

funny police car confiscated by tulsa police for drug dealing This is what happens to your car when you deal drugs and you get caught by the police. They confiscate it. Well done Tulsa Police. Thats the way it should be. Good advertising too.

Funny Woman Riding Escalator

funny woman riding an escalator with her feet weird but she is cute Something tells me that ridng the escalator with your feet isnt such a safe thing. But she is damn cute, and they are nice legs. I hope she made it down ok, shame to see some harm come to someone so beautiful.