New Mt Rushmore President

crazy photos george bush mt rushmoreUm, i dont think so. I think it might be some time before we see a Bush on Mt Rushmore.

UFO Danger

funny ufo photoWhat a great trick of the light. There are some clever photographers out there.

Overloaded Train

crazy indian overloaded packed trainI think there might be room for one more on this train. But dont these people look happy? This train is on a bridge, one slip and thats that. A lot easier to do too when you are waving at the camera. Hmmm, crazy people.

Overloaded Car

I dunno, this car seems to be moving alright. Ahh, Classic Cars, they just keep on going.

Overloaded Cart - Poor Donkey

I really do feel for the donkey. I mean, what sort of job is this? Pulling the cart is one thing, but this? Poor lil thing.

Overloaded Truck 2

Right, how long do we give this truck before it tips, or the load falls? Then again, maybe it was designed that way. Crazy crazy crazy.

Overloaded Truck

I think maybe these might have been one sack too many on this truck. Thats it, just one sack that tipped the balance.