The Funny Hot Dog Head Hat

funny hat photo hot dog guy weird Hot Dog Hat, complete with all the dressings. Mustard, Ketchup and Onions. Hmm, now who in their right mind would want a hat like this. Maybe this guy isnt in his right mind. I hope its a joke. Or, maybe he is a hot dog vendor and this helpos drum up trade - in that case a hot dog cap is a great idea.

Funny Peek a Boo Bear Photo

funny photo of bear hiding behind tree peek a boo Peek a Boo! I hope the bear isnt really hiding behind this tree. We can see your furry arms you know. And those cute little bear ears. It wouldnt be a long game of hide and seek with this bear. Aww, grizzly bears are so cute - until they charge at you cos they want dinner.

Crazy but Funny Headless Halloween Costume

really clever funny halloween headless costume girl I think this is really a fantastic halloween costume. She must actually be quite short - but from this distance, the photo does look as if she is carrying her head. Im impressed. Top marks - you deserve a prize.

Harrison Ford Dressed as a Pea for Halloween

funny harrison ford halloween costume with calista flockhart pea and hippie No, this isnt a joke. That is Harrsion Ford and his partner Calista Flockhart. Apparently they went trick or treating for halloween with their son. Somebody managed to snap a photo. Yep, even a clever disguise of a pea doesnt work for someone as famous as Harrison Ford. Might have helped if Calista Flockart went as a bean or something instead as a hippy. I think she was easily recognized.

Funny Photo Got Change for a 50 Bill?

funny photo of zimbabwe currency fifty million dollars almost worthless 5o million dollars that is. Ahh, inflation in Zimbabwe - where fifty million dollars isnt worth what it used to be. The guy smiling seems happy enough with the money. For the record, 50 million dollars in Zimbabwe is worth about 15 US dollars.

Brand New TV Phone from Western Electric

funny western electric tv phone future advert Ok, so maybe not brand new - but at least that western electric were looking to the future. Its funny, with all the technology we have, tv phones or video conferercing really hasnt taken off in a big way. People still prefer to have a chat over the phone, without seeing the other person.

Funny Crazy Teeth Bag

funny nail biting promotional carry bag photo Promotional products can be fun. Even if the product being advertised on this carry bag is for nail biters.

Warning Sign for Tall People

funny signs watch your head photo Im thinking they probably mean oversized cars or trucks should go through here. But the advice would still apply to giants. At least they can duck.

Very Funny Snowmen for Sale Sign

really funny sign snowmen for sale very clever people I love how some people have such a keen sense of humor. Unassembled snowmen! Very clever. And a lot of work has gone into this sign too. Cool picture of a snowman. I give them 10 out of 10 for originality!

Really Strange Funny Parking Sign

crazy funny free parking sign london inspectors Im thinking that this "Park wherever you like" sign is not actually official. I think the person who did the graffiti doesnt really like parking inspectors. Who does? Must be a terrible job.

Anyway, thats all just speculation - park where you want - the sign says so.

Taking Condom Instructions Street Sign

very funnny condom sign instructions blonde taking notes
Not only did i not expect to see a sign on the street about how to use condoms, i really wasnt thinking that someone would stand in front of it, and write down the instructions. I hope this is a joke. Anyway, why isnt the guy taking notes?

BMW back from Panel Shop Photo

funny smashed car photo bmw held together with tape Yep, that should just about do it. Just have to spray paint that brown sticky tape to match the color of your car, and this BMW baby will be as good as new. Looks like a Z3 or Z4. Always a shame when nice luxury cars get smashed up.

Soccer Ball Squashes Players Face

funny football photos ball hits face This is just a great photo as it captures the point of impact where the ball hits his face. Im sure it probably looks like this all the time, if only for a very split second. Im sure he was ok and there was no disfigurement.

Floating Sky Boat

funny boat stuck high after flood Hey, thats just where i parked it. Im guessing that this boat is sky high after a flood. Now how do they get a boat down from there? Wait for another flood?

Flying High On Crack Plane

funny crack in a plane moon
Whats wrong here you ask? Look closely at the bottom of the plane. Yes, he is showing us the moon. Gives a whole new meaning to being high on crack. Or maybe someone should tell them there is a crack in the plane. We could go on and on.

A New Fred Flintstone Car

meet the flintsones new car in china It kid of looks like Fred Flintstone's car. Made of wood, the only thing letting this one down is the holes in the bottom for his feet to keep it moving. I think he has cheated, he has a little engine on the front - or is that a generator?

Time for a New Yogurt Sign

funny sign cock yogurt mistake photoIt is a pity that when the sign failed it left these two words still alight. For the record, i think the sign is Babcock Frozen Yogurt, not Cock Yogurt. Unfortunate really.