Really Big Donut King Donut

worlds biggest donust photo donut king masterpiece huge made out of hundreds of little donuts Wow. A donut king donut made out of hundreds of little donuts. How many do you think you could get through? World's biggest donut?

Crazy Funny Gun Bag

funny photo of bag that is in shape of a gun aspe crime stories It does look very real, a handgun picture on the bag with the hole around the handle. Its a great way of advertising, hopefully not for guns. I think its actually for Crime Stories, for books.

Funny Picture of Men Walking Their Mouse

funny photos of men walking their mouse not really mice pictureHere mousey, good mouse. Ive never seen someone walking a mouse before. I guess technically i have, but these arent live mice are they? Just a couple of smart guys.

Dangerous Crowd Bullfight

funny bullfight photo of bull leaping or jumping into crowd men scaredI think this bull wants to escape from the bullfight. He knows what fate awaits him, so frankly i dont blame him. Good to know that he is taking the exit path through the important people section of the show. Nice suits? Not anymore. I like how the men in the crowd look very frightened, however the women are smiling. No fear.