Really Funny 100th Birthday Photo

100th Birthday Cake Smoke. You often hear people who have reached 100 telling us about the secret to their longevity. They say that you shouldnt drink nor smoke. It seems that this old lady hasnt worried at all. Or maybe she decided to take up smoking on her 100th. Hey, what have you got to lose?

How To Fit More People on Your Bike

Im always amazed that these motorbikes in asia are pretty darn small. But they are able to fit so many more people. Is it safe? Not on your life. In fact, there are thousands of bad accidents every day in Asia.

George W Bush Umbrella Inside Out Fail

Inside Out Umbrella. Yeah, George W Bush did do some strange things in his time as President. But i think this one was out of his hands. He is taking it with good humor. Strange that the officer next to him hasnt offered his own umbrella.

Funny Derailed Train on Platform Photo

I hope nobody was seriously hurt in this minor train derailment at the platform. Is that Japanese or Korean? Im kind of curious though. Is that railway guy trying to push the train back onto the track? Weird.

Funny Architecture Microsoft Windows Window

Crazy? Yes. And just a little bit funny. Anyone who would show so much respect for Microsoft by putting a window in their house just like the company's symbol must be a little odd. Computer geek? Or just a practical joker?

Amazing Motorbike Daredevil Trust

Ok, so this motorcycle jump isnt a really big one. But spare a thought for the guys standing on their heads. They are showing a big degree of trust here. Not something i would do. If he fails...skid marks....ouch.

Funny Photos Training Wheels Bike Rollercoaster

Wow. It doesnt look lke this has been photoshopped. A girl on a little bike with training wheels riding a monster rollercoaster. Ive seen it all. Dangerous? You bet. Fun? Certainly.

Funny Holy Tree and Power Lines Photo

Holy Tree? Or Holey Tree. Whatever it is, its nice to see that the tree wasnt cut down to make way for the power lines. Instead they found a workaround. Just trim the branches in the middle. Genius. Then again, maybe the tree grew this way. That would be strange.

Small Carpark Car Parking Fail

Im at a loss to work out how this car could end up this way. Either the driver saw a spot that wasnt there, or the Volvo came in and wedged the other car up on its side. My money is on the volvo. Bloody Volvo drivers.

Evil Keyhole Paparazzi Photo

I think this happened recently to a US TV Anchor. Photos were taken in her hotel room through the keyhole. Yes. The paparazzi are evil people.

Funny Animal Photos Chicken Football Game

Just practising for the big soccer game. White chickens versus black chickens.

Funny Practical Jokes Buried By Cement

Im guessing that this is a practical joke, and not someone actually buried by cement. At least i hope so. They still have to get those boots out of there.

Taking Your Kid for a Stroll Motorbike Safety

This gives a whole new meaning to taking your kid out for a stroll. I cant say that its safe to drag a stroller behind a motorbike. No. Thats a safety fail.

How Much Do You Hate Your Job?

Tied to your job? Its a great photo that describes how some people feel about work. Noose Tie? Thats funny.

Romeo and Juliet Tshirts Couple

Awww. How sweet is that? Romeo and Juliet T shirts. But are they happy? The least they could do is hold hands.

Massive Goldilocks Gold Hair Model

Now that is some big gold hair. Would i be right in saying that these were hair extensions? I think so.

Car Security Advice Chain Your Car to Tree Stump

Im not sure why anyone would actually want to steal this old junky car. But anyway, better to be safe than sorry. Chain it up. Forgive me for thinking it, but couldnt you just lift the chain or the wire over the top of the tree stump?

Hair Power of Static Electricity

Ive never been comfortable with static electricity. It frightens me. Look what it does to the hair of this mother and daughter. However i do like rubbing a balloon on my hair to make it stick. Maybe im just a big kid.

High Rise Toilets Amazing View

Now that is one amazing view. Problem being, you might want to stay at the urinal all day. High rise toilets. Ive seen it all.

Professional How Many Cameras Do You Need?

How many cameras do you need to be a professional photographer? At a quick count this woman has about 7 or 8. I hope she wasnt just a passing local who offered to take a photo for some tourists. She could be there a little while. Tough job.

How is it Possible? Fat Boy Scooter

Some things in this world just defy logic. This is one of them. How this little motorbike scooter is still in one piece is beyond me. I suppose this guy has to get around and may not fit into a car. But i have an idea...go for a walk. Its so much better for you.

Girls Organization Meeting in a Phone Booth

You often hear people refer to how small some organizations or groups are by saying that they are small enough to meet in a phone booth. Well these girls have proved that some groups might not be so small after all. I think there are at least 10 girls in this booth. Maybe more. Hold on, is that a couple of guys hidden under all those girls? Dangerous?

Funny Trailer Photos Just Divorced Available

Im just divorced and available. I just need a place to store all of my belongings which are in this trailer.

High Rise Trailer Trash Moving Up Photo

Its apartment style high rise living at its finest. And what a glorious view. Pity that its in a trailer that you get to by climbing a ladder. Just classic. Trailer Trash - wonders never cease.

Funny Women Bathroom Urinal Signs

If you had a nervous disposition at the urninal already, then these women arent going to help.But if you are comfortable with your size, you can laugh right back at these women. Pity they couldnt be advertising something at the same time.

Chair Ruler Blackboard Classroom Maths Photo

Hey, if you dont have a ruler in math class, just use a chair. If the teacher can do it, so can you. Thats funny. Nice that a student had a camera at the ready for this one.

Drinks Fridge Colgate Bottle Opener

Now that is some clever advertising. A drinks fridge with an advert for Colgate toothpaste complete with bottle opener. I love clever marketers. Lucky that some bottles still come with a non twist off cap.

Funny Photos Car on a Balcony

Anyone got any ideas why this car is 3 stories up on a balcony? How did it get there and what purpose does it serve? Maybe its used as another bedroom. Classic.

Gun Fightback Classic Animals Sand Sculpture

This is called fight back. A bear with a rifle going after humans in their natural habitat. Sunbathing on the beach. I think there is a political message here.

Exhausted Russian Blonde Bike Show Photo

This Russian blonde model has had just about enough of the motorbike show. She might have been sitting atop this bike for hours. Tired? You bet. Thats hard work.

Athletics Fail Women's Crash Photo

Crash. I count at least 4 girls down and a couple more about to crash. Tough competition in athletics.

Fail Big Rig Crash Into Oliver Twist

I bet the owners of Oliver Twist werent expecting to see a Big Rig Truck in their dining room. I just hope nobody was hurt in this crash. Maybe the driver was just stopping in for a coffee. Do Oliver Twist do drive thru?

Strange Body Art Funny Photos

Yes, this body art, tattoos, piercings and some earing thing does look real. Very strange, but real. And after all that, he doesnt look very happy about it. Then again, i wouldnt be happy either.

Flour Fail Dont Get Drunk With Friends

This is what happens when you get drunk and pass out in front of friends. Actually, im not so sure that this is flour. I think it might be gravy miz. God forbid if someone adds some water. That would be an almighty mess.

Rain Dance Dress Street Parade

I can only hope to god that this guy dancing in the rain in the middle of the road is part of a parade of some sort. Otherwise, someone has escaped from the asylum. Orange Skirt, pink blouse and something on his head. Yep, its madness.

Alaska Airways Plane Fish Art

I wonder how much money they spend doing these paintings on the side of planes. Hey, whatever works. If it brings people to Alaska to fish, its good value.

Aircraft Carrier Deck Exercise Routine

Im sure there must be a bit of down time on the deck of an Aircraft Carrier. So why not do a few exercises to keep you fit?

Adjust Your Hat for the Photo

Pick the odd guys out. Its nice to have a buddy to tell you how you look. Nice hat.

Funny Pic Bad Teddy Bear Clothes Line

Im sure this Teddy Bear has just been hung out to dry on the clothes line. But it looks so wrong. He looks alive and as if he has dont something bad and this is his punishment. Kids, look away.

Big Top Great Asian Elvis Hairstyle

Now that is one fantastic Elvis hairdo from Asia. Im going to take a guess and say that this guy is an Elvis impersonator from Japan. Any ideas people?