Funny House Rental Ad & Spiders

crazy funny picture ad for rental bedroom that has spiders Yeah, i cant see myself wanting to rent a place that has hairy spiders dropping off the bedroom cieling. Hey, at least they are honest!

Really Crazy Bee Man Photo

funny crazy man covered in bees swam photo Now that is a lot of bees covering this man. Is he crazy? Could you imagine how many bee stings you might get by doing this? But why would someone want to be covered by a swarm of bees?

Funny Crazy Swing at Bus Stop

funny photo of swing at bus stop good for delays Waiting for the bus should be fun. Why not install a swing to help commuters pass the time. Even if the bus is delayed you wont notice it. Give me a push will ya?

Snowman Cat Complete with Whiskers

funny snowman photo of a cat with whiskers There was plenty of snow to make a proper snowman, they just decided that a cat would be better. Even has whiskers!

Funny Beggar Signs Ninjas Killed Family

funny beggar begging sign ninjas killed family need money for kung fu lessons It must be the affluence 21st Century, because beggars are getting a whole lot smarter in trying to get money. This one claims that Ninjas killed his family and he needs kung fu lessons. Well, its a clever strategy thats worth a second look. I might even give him some cash for such a fine effort.

Chain up Your Walking Frame Funny

funny picture of walking frame chained up to a post to stop it being stolen Im trying to work out why anyone would chain up their walking frame. Are there a group of elderly people going around stealing frames? The Old Frame Gang.

Crazy Picture Two Headed Snake

crazy picture of two headed snake Two headed snake, one with a tongue out. I wonder which one of these heads is the boss.

The Simpsons Plane

funny plane photos painted in the simpsons colors maybe homer is flying The Painted Simpsons plane from the Fox Network. What great advertising. I just hope that homer isnt flying the plane. I remember what happened when he was the monorail driver.