That Sinking Car Feeling

sinking cars funny photo Im not sure if these cars were on the back of a truck or a boat. Either way, whatever it was has crashed into the water. Glad they were only being delivered and didnt have passengers.

Overloaded Truck Stop

funny overloaded truck hay weird Have moved on from bikes to trucks. Same principle applies. Make two trips. This truck has stopped with what looks like a load of hay or straw. Its probably not going much further. The cow has joined in to pick at the free food.

Yet Another Overloaded Bike

funny man carrying car on bike I guess this guy isnt so much overloaded, as over heavy. Thats a car. Granted, its a car shell. But it cant be light. And i cant see much holding it down. One swerve and this car will come crashing down. And that wouldnt be a funny photo.

My God Overloaded Bike Photo

All i can say is my god to this one. Have they not heard of the phrase, two trips, or even better four trips. The rider of the bike ar the front is trying to keep himself steady and hold up the load. I dont know if there is another person on the other side. But, i bet they made it to their destination. Eventually.

Funny Long Arm Australian Footballer

funny australian soccer player longest arm I think this must have been the world cup. Perhaps when Australia lost to Italy because of a dubious penalty. Anyway, this is obviously a trick in photography, but he does have a very long arm...Bit of an unfair advantage.

Funny German Cow Photo

funny german cow photo I dont atually know that this cow is german. However, i do know that her owner or the farmer is painting her to display those colors. Why doesnt he paint himself in german colors too? Cow seems a little perplexed. Im guessing this was for a national football match or something. I hope so, otherwide this farmer is a little odd.

Funny Photos Angry Elephant

angry elephant pushes car photo Now that appears to be one angry elephant. I wonder what the people in the van have done to him. Maybe something, maybe nothing. Hope they were ok. Im guessing this was in a reserve somewhere. Then again, the elephant does look to be on a chain, so maybe he has escaped from the zoo.

Overloaded Bike with Pigs

funny overloaded bike with pigs
There are a lot of pigs on the back of this bike. Thats why im calling it overloaded. Must be very hard to keep the bike steady, and he looks like he is going quick too.

Bike Pole Trailer

dangerous bike riders poleNow, this looks simple, keeping a pole between two bikes...but i bet it is really hard. The funny thing is, the guy on the front is on a motorcycle. Weird.