World's Funniest Daredevil Photo

Weird Daredevil Stunts. Um, ok. So why is this guy walking around in only leopard skin pants, with red shoes and white socks. Oh yeah, sorry, he does have a helmet on. Thats just crazy!


Anonymous said...

Are those "Red Geta-Clogs???
Half japanese and half Dutch... With American athletic "70's Tube Stripe" socks?!
I think the helmet is what's making this outfit work... It sends the punchline over the net. He actually found a way to take some of the attention off his junk in those slinky, leopard Speedos,.. And, his exposed body slaps you in the face for respect... Is he dragging a silver baseball bat? The flames in the back ground clearly depict how "Burning" this outfit is... Maybe he's on the way to a themed softball tournament!