Smile for the Camera

funny smile for the camera All i can think of is "Cheese."

Wheelchair Access Stairs

What are they going to do? Get out of the wheelchair and carry it up the stairs? Idiots.

New China Buffet Kittens

strange chinese restaurant photo This is a truly unfortunate sign. Maybe there is a pet store next to the chinese restaurant.

Soccer Pitch Tree

funny photo of tree in middle of football pitch Well, if there isnt any more land, sometimes you just have to work around things. The tree couldnt be cut down, so it stays. Good place for shade if you need a rest mid game too. All the world's soccer pitches should have a tree.

Funny Staircase to Nowhere

funny photo staircase to heaven Seems that someone didnt follow the plans when building this. Then again, maybe the plans were all wrong. Or maybe someone wanted a staircase like this.

Funny Squashed Kid on Bike

funny photo of kid on bike squash Yep, another squashed kid on a bike. Perhaps not as bad as the other kid, but im sure this one isnt so happy. Perhaps we shouldnt laugh, this is dangerous. Learn from this.

Funny Smokers Toothpaste

I love the translation into english from products from Asia. Seems to me that companies would do well to invest in translation services from someone who actually speaks english as a first language. Then again, there wouldnt be as many things for us to laugh at.

Overloaded Trunk with Kids

Thats 5 kids in the back of this small car. See, one of the kids has her face covered - she cant bear to watch either. I hope a kid isnt driving.

Crazy Kid on Motorbike

What kid you say? All i see is a fat guy and his wife. Oh, hold on, whats that squahed between the husband and wife? Hmmm.

Hold that Ladder Dangerous

funny dangerous ladder photo This gives new meaning to the phrase, hold the ladder for me. How about you think of investing in a new and bigger ladder? Might be just a little bit safer.

Crazy Pool Electrician

funny crazy pool ladder dangerous Never never mix electricity and water. Unless of course you need to put a stell ladder in a pool and fix a light. Stupid. Really stupid.

The Indian Water Graduation Photo

funny indian graduation photo This photo is an absolute classic. Captured at just the moment before the water impact on all the unsuspecting school students. Very funny.

Get Out of the House Fire

I think this would rank as one of the more pointless efforts in life. Noble, but pointless. Id be getting out of my apartment, not trying to put the fire out wiht a small tub of water. Then again, maybe i should give him the benefit of the doubt, if he is stuck and cant get out, then maybe anything would help.

Falling 4 Wheeler Motorbike

Ahh, oops. Look mum, no wheels. Where to from here?

The Flying Bike Rider

I love how this guy is flying off his bike, but he still has a firm hand on the umbrella. Thats not going to help you too much here fella.

Elephant Poo Collecter

Yep, another one of the world's worst jobs. Better than the chinese target practice guy, but bad nevertheless. What happens if you dont catch the elephant poo in the bag?

Drunk Drivers Parking Place

What a really clever ad. At least im assuming its an ad. Remember, dont drink and drive - or this tree could have your name written all over it. Seriously.

Let Me In Mr Cat - Mr Squirrel

The squirrel just wants to be friends with the cat. Or maybe he wants to be inside so he can get regular feeds. How cute is this photo?

Funny Car And Bus Insurance Photo

Whats funny about this photo you may ask? Well, if you cant read the caption on the ad on the bus it says "If you dont have GIO Third Party Property Insurance, we suggest you dont hit this bus." Oops.

The Eating Beaver and Birds

Nice that this beaver is sharing his food with the hungry birds. Then again, maybe he doesnt have much choice.

Funny No Pole Dancing

Is pole dancing on public transpor really a problem that they need to fit a sign? Maybe it is. I need to get out more.

Garage Doors Dont Block

funny signs garage door dont block I do like this one. Strict sign, with a clever punchline. Dont take us too seriously.

Drop Your Pants Here

Perhaps this was designed or perhaps it was a mistake. Either way, its pretty amusing. Its good that some people have a sense of humor. Some people.

Funny Car Bike Jetty Sign

funny car on jetty sign Can cars swim? Im thinking some genius has put up the sign in the wrong place. The real question will be, will anyone follow this advice?

Dangerous Shandong Airlines

funny dangerous airline photos shandong Need a push? It looks like it. What are they going to do next? Try to start the thing?

Mind Head Lamp Photo

clever photo man with lamp head This photo reminds me of the organistion Mind Head in the very underated movie, Bowfinger. Welcome to mindhead, welcome to mindhead.

The Man Fountain

funny man spitting fountain Just another clever posed photo. Or is it?

Funny Low Flying Plane

funny dangerous low flying plane What a great photo. I dont know how low this plane is really flying, but it looks close enough to that convertible. Look further you can see the runway down the bottom of the hill. I love the way the motorbike rider is crouching.

Leap Of Faith Plunge Pool

dangerous leap of faith funny photo This is the true definintion of a plunge pool. Yep, this is the kind of guy that would bungy jump and sky dive. I wouldnt do it, but i also value life.

Look Mummy I Can Face Paint

funny face painting child What better way to show that you care about your little brother or sister than to paint or draw all over their face. And because they are strapped in, they cant escape.

Eating Relaxing Pandas

Just sitting around chewing the fat - or in this case the bamboo.

The Car Shoe

Note that this show car has license plates, which means it is legal to drive on the road. Odd.

Funny Car Ute Esky Fridge

want some ice funny photo of car So why not pack the back of the pickup with ice and food and beer? Good for a summers day. This would be a hit with all the neighbours.

Balancing Beer Man

funny beer balancing on head photo I actually think this photo is real. Wow, there would be well over 100 pints of beer on this guys head. Maybe even close to 200. I hope he doesnt spill, that would be a waste of good beer.

So where is this? Oktoberfest?

The Toilet Restuarant

weird japanese funny toilet restaurant Im going out on a limb here in guessing that this restaurant is in Japan. Im just glad that the lids are down and that the toilets arent actually connected.

World's Worst Jobs Target Practice

crazy photo target practice worst jobs Yep, some people have some really crap jobs. So as Clint Eastwood might say, "remember to aim high."

Copy and Paste Twins

funny tshirts copy and paste twins Clever twins. But what happens if they reverse their positions? Wont make sense will it?

Streaker On Mobile Phone

funny streaker on cell phoneSlightly disturbing, but highly amusing photo. This guy has felt the need to make a phone call while he is streaking across the footrball pitch. Gotta tell your friends what you are doing. But in taking off all his clother, he also decided to leave his socks on....hmmm, why? Worried about the prickles on his feet.

That is an almightly tackle by the cop though. And he has a carefully placed arm, which is very considerate for us, otherwise we couldnt bring you this photo.