Belt the Kids in the Car

funny signs belt kids in carJust a poor choice of language here im afraid. I think they mean you should wear a seatbelt in your car. At least i really hope thats what they mean.

Use the Footpath

I love conflicting signs - poor cyclists, nowhere to go.

Dont Laugh at the Natives

Good advice, dont laugh - they may turn nasty. Keep a straight face ok?

Bait and Tackle Store

funny photo fishing storeIm actually not going to say anything about this fishing store - except to question whether the owner of this store was serious, or whether is was a genuine mistake.

Where Ronald McDonalds go to Die

mcdonalds home for ronald funny photoThis is only for the red headed Ronald McDonalds of the world. If you think of how many McDonalds there are - thats a lot of Ronalds. Any special home for the hamburgler?

God is Talking to You

A message from God - plain and simple. Be on your best behaviour. Seriously.

No Brains in this machine

funny machine can talk photoWhat happens if the operater of the machine has no brain? It could happen.

No Nudies Here

Ok, i understand the other instructions, but is there really a problem in false creek with "nudies"? Perhaps there is...

No Sliding Here

I must be living in another world. I have no idea what sliding is, or why i would be doing it with cardboard.

One Way Sign

funny one way signs which wayOk, its a one way sign, in fact its two one way signs - which way would you like to go? "But Officer, i was only going one way"

Warning - Private Parking

Wow, that's some warning sign. I guess its probably best that you dont park your car here. Or, if you do, get yourself some damn good car insurance. Funny guys.

Safety First

very funny dangerous ladder photoI dont know who would think that this is a safe way to do anything. There isnt any occupational health and safety policy at this workplace. Thats some funny stuff.

Greed Cameras

A nice little amendment to this sign. Someone telling it like it is - it aint no speed camera.

Weird Paris Sign

reall strange sign in paris crazyId like someone to explain this sign in Paris for me. Ive tried, but i just dont get it. Hmm, maybe no kids allowed? Or dont hold hands?